5 Reasons To Get A Shearling Fur Coat

A shearling fur coat is usually created from the skin of sheep, lamb, or pelt, and is known for being comfortable and lightweight. In fact, many consider shearling coats to be a combination of the best qualities of fur, leather, and wool. As such, let us take a brief look at why you should consider buying a shearling coat.

Highly Durable

One downside of a shearling fur coat is that they usually tend to be more expensive than other coats. However, they are expensive for a simple reason – shearling coats are far more durable and long lasting than their alternatives.  In fact, sheepskin coats can last for several decades in usable condition if you take care of them properly. So, if you are not looking for an average coat made from fabric and are okay with spending extra money, then a shearling coat is what you should buy.

Incredibly Warm

Shearling coats also provide a high degree of warmth which is nearly unmatched by other types of coats. Because of the crimp in the sheep wool, insulating air spaces are created inside the coat, which contributes to retaining the temperature of your body. The high level of warmth provided by shearling coats was so well known in WWII that air crews who flew at altitudes of more than 30,000 feet used to wear them to keep themselves warm in the unpressurized cabins.

Resistant To Water

The wool of the sheepskin is known to have extremely water-repellent layers that act as a protection against moisture. And this is what makes shearling coats highly resistant to water. In fact, the fibers can absorb water up to 30% of its weight and still not get damp. That alone is an incredible property of sheepskins. And what happens when the surface has excess moisture on it? Just take off the coat and lightly shake it to remove all water. Plus, if you see any water spots on the coat, all you have to do to make it disappear is to run a soft brush over it.

Tackles Perspiration

Shearling coats are also known to be very good at dealing with body perspiration. When your body perspires, the coat will wick away the perspiration, keeping your skin moisture-free. This also helps to maintain the temperature of your body.  

Usable In Hot Climates

The incredible warmth offered by shearling coats might lead one to believe that they are only to be used in colder climates. This is anything but true. The perspiration wicking nature of the coat combined with its breathability will ensure that your body remains cool and comfortable even during spring.  And this ability to be useful in multiple climates and environments is what makes shearling coats very unique and versatile.

Given the above benefits of shearling coats, it should be easy to understand why getting one is in your interest. Just make sure that you only buy an original coat rather than faux ones that seem to have flooded the market.