Take A Cue From The Youthful Asians: What You Should Be Doing To Defy Aging

Women across the world are huge fans of skin care. According to a study conducted, an average woman can spend up to $200,000 throughout her lifetime on skin products alone. This only goes to show how women place great value on their skin.

When it comes to skincare, Japanese and Korean skincare products and regimens are currently popular. People from all over envy the seemingly natural youthful appearance of Japanese and Korean women, hence their desire to know the secrets behind it.

Although every part of the world has its own characteristic style for perfect skin, the basic qualities of good skin remain very similar, and these Asian women possess them all – brightness, smoothness, suppleness, and discoloration- and wrinkle-free.

So, how exactly do they tackle skin care in order to fight aging? Here are the secrets to their ageless skin.

1. They Start Young

It’s not uncommon to find Asian women in their 20s, still with youthful skin, who already adopt anti-aging regimens. Early prevention is important because it builds strong defenses against the impact of the body’s natural tendency to slow down during later years.

As a person ages, the body becomes less efficient in producing collagen and other chemical compounds that directly affect the skin. Early anti-aging skincare is believed to help beat such an impact more effectively.

2. They Make Cleansing a Priority

For a lot of Asians, interest in skin care typically begins in their late teens and it becomes a habit for life. They start off by learning how to properly cleanse their face.

Cleansing is the backbone of great-looking skin, according to skin experts and professional makeup artists. All other elements of skincare are useless if cleansing is not done right.

The right way to cleanse, especially for those who wear makeup every day, is double cleansing. This is the process:

  • Remove makeup with a makeup remover, such as a cleansing oil or balm.
  • Rinse your face and wash your hands to get rid of the makeup remover.
  • Wash the face using cleansing foam. Lather cleansing foam well until it creates peaks to cleanse the face. Roll the suds across the face; let the foam do the job of removing dirt and makeup, not your fingers.
  • Rinse off.
  • Pat your skin gently with a soft towel

3. They Layer Moisture

Cleansing gets rid of dirt effectively, but it also strips the skin of its natural moisture. As such, it’s essential to restore moisture with the right products.

Start off with face lotion. Follow it up with a serum that’s formulated against aging. Let the skin drink up the serum for a minute before massaging some emulsion in. Massage the face in an upward motion, and when the emulsion has been fully absorbed, apply a face pack.

4. Protect Skin from the Sun

The sun’s UV rays are the enemy of good skin. They speed up the aging process by depleting skin of moisture and stimulating the production of melanin, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, sun protection is a must.

Top international models swear by sunscreen, but Asians use a variety of other sun protection provisions such as facial mists, parasols, and special clothing that actually make them look rather weird.

5. They Follow a Good Diet for the Skin

There are diets specifically designed to maintain flawless skin. In Asia, fatty fish, shellfish, pig trotters and pork belly are all the rage among women who want soft, wrinkle-free skin. These are wonderful sources of collagen and they contain compounds that promote skin metabolism.

Tea mixes are quite popular, too. There are teas that can brighten skin because they’re loaded with vitamin C. Meanwhile, detoxifying blends are known to eliminate the buildup of sebum that causes different kinds of skin irritation.

Rice is always part of the diet as well, not only for eating, but also for application to the skin. Rice water and fermented rice extracts are used to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which is crucial to maintaining the right pH balance against acne, sun damage and aging.

Defying aging is the goal of a lot of women. If you’re looking for effective ways to turn back the hands of time for your appearance, try these tips that have worked for Asians who always manage to look much younger than everybody else.